Waterstones Cafe Torquay

We thought we would kick-start the New Year and this blog by a visit to the cafe at Waterstones in Torquay. We will talk about the food and drink we had, the service and facilities, then will give it a score out of 10!

We visited at 1200 for about an hour and it was wasn’t very busy at first, but then later in the hour it became busier.

Food and Drink

As this is a cafe there is no food menu to comment on but there was a blackboard which made it easier to make a quick decision on what we wanted.

One of us had a salted caramel cookie and the other a rainbow cookie. They were both delicious and tasty, but the one problem with the salted caramel cookie was that it tasted more like chocolate than salted caramel. My 8 year old sister would have preferred the rainbow cookie to be more crunchy, but the smarties were nice.

We both drank a salted caramel latte with whipped cream and pieces of salted caramel on top. They looked amazing and tasted even better!


The service was excellent, the staff were very friendly. In the end we had exactly the things we ordered which was as expected. When the food and drink was brought to the table, they smiled and were very polite.


The facilities were spic and span and I would definitely recommend visiting here again. The toilets were very clean and smelt nice as well. The seating area was very contemporary with clean and polished floors. Under and on top of the tables was spotless.


Overall we recommend the cafe (and the bookshop) and we score this a big 9 out of 10! Well done Waterstones cafe, thank you for a wonderful experience!

The Torbay taste team!


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