Simply Fish, Brixham

Tonights trip was to Simply Fish in Brixham – if you want to find out more read on!

Food and Drink

One of us had Fishcake and chips and the other had mussels. We both had a milky coffee, my sister also had a blackcurrant. The children’s menu wasn’t large but you could order off the adults menu , like my sister.

The chips were golden , crispy, scrumptious and fluffy in the middle. The Fishcake was succulent and my sister said that mussels were fresh and the best mussels she had ever tasted. Even the bread was freshly baked.

Fishcake and Chips   


The staff were friendly, polite and served us well. I managed to speak to the chef and he was funny, nice and was working hard. He even showed me how some of it was done. The food came quickly and even though the place was full they still let people come in, have a drink and something to eat. Shout out to Tom, Adam, Stacey and Becky!


The facilities were clean and they had nice bright decorations – the toilets were extremely clean and I could tell that they clean it often. The staff kept the kitchen and cooking area tidy and clean. I noticed that they are very environmentally friendly, not only are the take-away boxes made of recycled cardboard, but the bags are also made of paper!


We really recommend Simply Fish, its our favorite place to go which is why we reviewed it! Thank you to all the staff we mentioned earlier for our great experience and lovely food.We score this a huge 10/10 because every time we come here we have a great experience!! (Mum and Dad love it too and their food was also great!)

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